Children and young people at the heart of what we do.

What is an Ambassador?

Young Manchester recognises adults have been informing where money for young people is invested for a long time and it is time for young people to inform where money for young people should be invested! As an ambassador, you will be empowered and given a platform to voice your opinion and share your experiences to create change in response to the issues you find in your communities.

What do you gain from becoming a Young Ambassador?

  • Development of personal and professional skills
  • Provide opportunities for development or experience
  • Empowerment to become young leaders
  • Influence change amongst powerful figures in Manchester
  • Connect to and make a positive difference in their community

What would  you be involved in?

As an ambassador, you will be involved a variety of work independently and across Manchester, including;

  • Mini-missions – This is an integral part of being an ambassador. You will explore your local community and develop a plan to resolve the issues you find, meaning you will be able to directly create positive change in your community. You will then report this back to the rest of the Young Manchester team and have the opportunity to showcase your work in an event which brings all the ambassador findings together
  • Grants panels – Young Manchester fund other organisations that we think can best address issues and provide opportunities to young people. As an ambassador you will be able to sit on grant panels and directly influence how our funds are spent, meaning you will be shaping the opportunities for young people in Manchester
  • Partnership Engagement – as an ambassador you will you will be able to learn more about and get involved in our impressive network of partners across Manchester. This could vary from simply visiting a partner to see what they do to shaping the way they provide their services to young people
  • Consultation – our ambassadors are often approached by partners and other external organisations, to consult with young people about the work they are doing. As an ambassador, you will give your insight and experience as a young person to those who approach us in exchange for some form of incentive (e.g. vouchers, development opportunities or invites to events)

We are working within the NYA guidance meaning we are providing an online version of the programme. This means we will be meeting via online group sessions (Zoom) and connecting you to opportunities that are still proceeding. This is a fantastic opportunity to be productive and develop during a difficult time.