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What is an Ambassador?

Young Ambassadors are active young people between the age of 15-21, who act as representatives of Young Manchester in their local communities and media platforms. The role aims to empower young people by ensuring they have a role in our governance and upskill them by providing them with opportunities. We want our ambassadors to strive and feel elevated to become young leaders whilst representing a brilliant organisation. Young Ambassadors will be engaged in governance through our grants and interview panels. Young Ambassadors will represent us by visiting partners, mini missions and organizing events for young people across the city. 

“Over 30% of the population in Manchester is under 30. Making it one of the youngest cities in Europe.”

What do you gain from becoming a Young Ambassador?

  1. Young Ambassadors will gain a series of new skills through their experience working with our local partners, organising events and completing mini-missions.
  2. Young Ambassadors will have the opportunity to widen their network and shadow people within an industry they may want to build a career in.
  3. Young Ambassadors will be able to help shape and create the best opportunities for their peers.
  4. Young Ambassadors will become more connected with their community and the city.

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Below is a list of opportunities for children & young people

Manchester Youth Council

MYC is a group of young people who campaign and advocate for changes on a local level on behalf of Manchester’s young people.

Near You

Go to our NEAR YOU page to see what is happening in your local area.


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