Lead Partner

Groundwork MSSTT are passionate about creating a future where everywhere is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny and where everyone can reach their potential.

Partner Organisations

Contact is where young people change their lives through the arts, and audiences of all ages experience exciting new shows.

They are the leading national theatre and arts venue to place young people at the decision-making heart of everything.

Contact Theatre

M13 Youth Project are a community-based voluntary sector project, specialising in street-based ‘detached’ youth work with young people often labelled hard-to-reach. They work in the inner-urban areas of Brunswick, Grove Village, Coverdale and Newbank in Ardwick, using the principles and practices of informal education and community development.

Manchester Environmental Education Network, or “MEEN” as it is more commonly known, is dedicated to supporting teachers, organisations and individuals working to promote environmental education and Education for Sustainability.

Manchester Environmental Education Network

South Youth Focus is an alchemy partnership that aims to support and facilitate collaboration between independent voluntary sector organisations who deliver work in South Manchester. Alchemy can be defined as: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. Through this the partnership aims to deliver diverse work with independent elements combining in creative ways to produce something of great value.


UpRising is a national youth leadership development organisation. They are recognised at Government-level as a pioneering charity championing the critical issues surrounding diversity, social mobility and equality.