Sam’s blog

Sam, our new Project Assistant shares his thoughts from his first two weeks working with Young Manchester and the importance of young people taking the lead this #iwillweek.

“Young Manchester broke into the youth charity sector almost a year ago and they have already made a large impact. This is made evident in sight of the large variety of organisations they fund and support in Manchester.

I find it odd that young Manchester – despite being a funding organisation has direct relationships with young people. As weird as that sounds, many funding organisations don’t have this link. What makes them even more impressive is not their prioritisation of youth and play provision, rather their determination to engage young people in decision making and directing the course of the organisation and its projects. Example 1: JD X YM Talent Champions; example 2: young Board members; 3: I work there!

My role as Project Assistant is to look for ways to further engage young people in governance of the charity and also to support the planning for the JDxYM event. After two weeks of working for Young Manchester, it is evident that young people are at the heart of all their work.

As you can tell, this opportunity is deeply appreciated and sets a standard for youth focused organisation across the country. In particular, this is an indicator that Young Manchester should be watched out for because we are trail blazers.”