Sector Leaders Group

Leadership across the youth and play sector is a critical issue for all of us if we are to meet the ambitious vision that we have for children and young people in Manchester.  Together, we want to build and support leadership in the sector, and establish strong partnerships and collaborations across the city which benefit us all.

Supported by Young Manchester, a new Youth and Play Sector Leaders Group has been established.

The group aims to:

‘Work together to support a vibrant and growing city with children and young people at its heart, increasing all children and young people’s opportunities to thrive and achieve through quality youth and play work’

Specifically, the group will seek to:

  • Be a strong strategic network of senior leaders across the city
  • Establish mechanisms for opportunities and challenges across the sector to be raised and addressed at a strategic level
  • Develop collaborative working through new projects, fundraising and communications
  • Be pro-active and propositional, working together to develop and deliver new opportunities for the sector
  • Work together to shape and influence relevant policy and practice which impacts on the lives of children and young people and the youth and play sector
  • Establish key strategic relationships at local, regional and national levels, building alliances and partnerships which benefit children and young people

A full draft terms of reference for the group can be found below.

Sector Leads Group – Terms of Reference 

This is a starting point, and we welcome your thoughts, questions and ideas. We are keen to ensure that the group is inclusive and reflects the diversity of our city.

If you would like more information please contact Justin, Director of Young Manchester –

Claire Evans, Chief Executive– 4CT Limited, Lead – East Youth and Play Partnership

Alex Fairweather, Chief Executive – Greater Manchester Youth Network, Strategic Lead – workforce, training and quality

Sarah Klueter, Assistant Director (Community Investment and Regeneration) – Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, Lead – Wythenshawe Youth Alliance

Richard Marsh, Chief Executive – Manchester Youth Zone, Lead – North Youth Manchester

Paul Fletcher, Chief Executive – Manchester Young Lives, Lead – Central Youth Partnership, Strategic Lead – Play

Nigel Rose – Strategic Lead (Commissioning) – Macc

Justin Watson, Director – Young Manchester (Chair)


This group has developed from the original infrastructure group led by Manchester City Council, and has been established following initial consultations with those organisations facilitated by Young Manchester. However, future membership will be shaped in line with the terms of reference attached/linked above.

The group is facilitated and administered by Young Manchester, but not led by them – the group does not report into any formal mechanisms, and does not form part of any contractual agreements with Young Manchester or anyone else.