Young Manchester launch Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Work

Manchester is a vibrant, globally-connected city, yet too many of Manchester’s young people are not able to take an active part in the city’s prosperity and help shape their and our futures.

For many children and young people the barriers to their success are based in deep-seated, structural inequality including racial injustice.

Young Manchester, our partners and supporters stand against racial injustice and inequality, and stand with young people and communities challenging this in Manchester.

We also know that we need to do more, and we need to be better – the priorities outlined in this brief are our first steps.

We recognise the role that a vibrant and thriving Youth and Play sector has in contributing to tackling injustice and ensuring success for all.  We want to work together, to continue to invest in the sector in Manchester and to build on the strengths and assets we have in this city. This will ensure that the sector thrives, and in turn all children and young people thrive.

With partners across the city, we want to provide outstanding opportunities for children and young people in Manchester.

Our funding aims to strengthen partnerships, drive quality provision, support inclusion and privilege youth voice and leadership.

We support the statement made by the GM VCSE Leadership Group, who pledge to*:

  • Prioritise candid and honest conversations about racism and structural barriers in our sector
  • Actively value and enable the voices of BAME people and communities in decision-making
  • Support our own BAME staff and volunteers, actively encouraging BAME people in leadership
  • Play our part in educating and empowering the VCSE sector so we can tackle racism in all its forms
  • Support local and national campaigning for racial justice
  • Promote access to funding for BAME-led groups and organisations, and promote new funding and organisational models that redress financial inequity.

*Note: language used below is taken directly from their statement.

Young Manchester is committed to long-term and sustainable action, and support for the sector in line with these pledges.

We are committed to increasing the diversity of our own organisation (including explicitly at board level), diversity of the sector (including explicitly in leadership positions) and ensuring that our funding, and wider funding beyond Young Manchester, is supporting all young people in the city in the most effective ways.

Alongside a focus on diversity and representation, we strongly believe that we must foreground the voices and experiences of young people, and also youth workers directly supporting young people in our communities.

We are also committed to supporting work explicitly tackling racism, including social action led by young people in the city.

Alongside partners and stakeholders, we will establish a wide-ranging programme of work which will lead to radical and sustainable change in Manchester. We know this will take time, and resources, but we making our commitment to children and young people and will remain focused to see this change through.

You can download the full brief here or view below.