Young Manchester and Fjällräven Manchester Store

We are delighted that our new Young Ambassadors will be supported in 2020 by the Fjällräven Manchester Store.

Over the year we will be running a number of events and projects supported by the Fjällräven Manchester Store which celebrate Manchester’s fantastic young people, our city and the great outdoors.

Manchester hosts the UK’s first Fjällräven store, right in the heart of Manchester, on Old Bank Street, just off St Anne’s Square.  Fjällräven’s core mission of enabling and inspiring people to spend time in nature fits closely with our ambitions for outstanding opportunities for all children and young people, including through outdoor adventure and learning. We’ll be showcasing some of this work, including projects supported by our new Adventure Fund, together over the next year.

Young Ambassadors are active young people between the age of 15-21, who act as representatives of Young Manchester in their local communities and media platforms.

We want our ambassadors to strive and feel elevated to become young leaders whilst representing an organisation that puts young people front and centre. Young Ambassadors will be engaged in governance through our grants and interview panels, helping shape the future of Young Manchester as well as the future of our city. Young Ambassadors will also represent us by visiting partners, mini missions and organising events for young people across the city.

If you’d like to find out more about Young Manchester, our Young Ambassadors or get involved in supporting young people in Manchester, please do get in touch

Our Young Ambassadors popped into the store last week to pick up donated t-shirts and backpacks and speak to the team. We are really looking forward to working together in the future.